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7th-Gen Intel CPUs Benchmarked, Leaks Core i7 7700k, i5-7600k and Asrock Z270 Motherboard

Intel’s Skylake Processors have been with us for under a year. And while many are enjoying it, there’s no doubt that many enthusiasts were waiting for Kaby Lake.

Recently, Sisoft Sandra, a benchmarking tool suggested a leak of an Intel Core i7-7700k. While we should still take this with a pinch of salt, the benchmark tool did cover up some information regarding the i7-7700k.

Kaby Lake 7700k Sisoft Sandra

The new benchmark uploaded to Sisoft’s database suggested an Intel Core i7 7700-k @4.2GHz running on an Asrock Z270 Extreme motherboard. As usual, the Intel Core i7-7700-k features the 4 core paired with 8 threads along with 8MB of L3 Cache. The i5-7600k@3.8GHz also has the usual setup featuring the usual 4 core and 4 thread setup along with 6MB of L3 Cache. Both CPUs don’t suggest any overclocks applied to them. Although, it seems that these CPUs may still be in testing.

Kaby Lake 7600k Sisoft Sandra

Details about the TDP still remains a mystery though. Some more rumors suggested that Kaby Lake processors will be supported by motherboards with the 100-series motherboards.

As of the details of the motherboard itself, the Asrock Z270 Extreme4, nothing much revealed about it except its utilization of both the Kaby Lake CPUs.

Until now, there is no word or hint from Intel regarding the release of Kaby Lake CPUs later this year. We should be looking forward to that in the near future. Let’s just see how well AMD’s Zen tackles Intel’s Kaby Lake processors if they are released by then.

[Sources: Sisoft Sandra Database]

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