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Hate White? Here’s How You Can Get the Xbox One S in Any Color You Want

The Xbox One S just came out today. It is the successor of the Xbox One. It features many improved things over its predecessor such as 4K movie support and HDR. The Xbox One S is also 40% smaller than the Xbox One and it is perfect for your living room as it features a built-in power supply unit. The Xbox One S also features improved design and a Blu-Ray player. The controllers of the Xbox One S also have Bluetooth support and textured grips. The new console also has huge storage capacities, ranging from 500GB to 2TB. However, there’s one drawback. The Xbox One S only comes in white color. You can get the controllers in any color you want using Xbox Design Labs for $79.99, but the console itself only comes in white color.

Here’s How You Can Get the Xbox One S in Any Color You Want

Now if you want the shiny new console from Microsoft in red, blue, green or any color you want, you can get one custom made just for you for $249. Do note that this $249 is just for the paint job, the console is purchased separately. ColorWare, a company that did the same thing with Xbox One and PS4 too, has now announced that they’re offering their custom paint job service to the owners of the Xbox One S.

Hate White? Here's How You Can Get the Xbox One S in Any Color You Want

With ColorWare, you can get your Xbox One S painted in any color scheme you want. You can paint its main body, eject button, bottom, and stand. You can also paint the controller. If you want to buy a new brand custom-made Xbox One S from ColorWare, you can grab a brand new Xbox One S with the colors of your choice for $649. You can also send your Xbox One S to ColorWare to get it painted, it will take about 7-10 days. And if you buy a new one with the paint job, it will ship in around 3 weeks.

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This is definitely not cheap, but it is for all the people who want the perfect Xbox One S made just for them. People who have a specific color scheme going on in their setups can use ColorWare’s service to get their console in the color scheme they desire.


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