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Gamers Who Pre-Ordered the Xbox One S are Receiving E-mails from Microsoft

While some people got the Xbox One S early, there are some who are waiting patiently for the console to officially come. Tomorrow, the 2TB Xbox One S console will officially launch. So, the people who pre-ordered the Xbox One S are now receiving E-mails from Microsoft. The e-mails state that the consoles are now being shipped. So, some lucky people are going to get the Xbox One S on the launch-day.

Gamers Who Pre-Ordered the Xbox One S are Reciveing E-mails from Microsoft

A few days ago, we reported that the Xbox One S requires an update to run 4K content. Well, that update is going to come the day the Xbox One S launches.  The Xbox One S is going to be 40% smaller than the original Xbox One, which costs only $249 right now by the way. The Xbox One S has big storage capacities and more functions. It supports 4K-movie and HDR. The Xbox One S also has a built-in power supply unit and it is quite sleek.

Also, the game controller of the Xbox One S features Bluetooth support, overhauled wireless signal capability and textured grips. You can also get a custom-made Xbox controller that looks exactly like you want and even has your name on it through the Xbox Design Labs.

Seems like Microsoft is all set for the release of the Xbox One S. With features like Xbox Play Anywhere, it seems like the Xbox One S may get Microsoft ahead in the market.

The 2TB version of the Xbox One S is launching tomorrow. It will cost $399 on launch day. Alternately, you can also grab the 1TB and 500GB versions of the Xbox One S that are launching later this month for $349 and $299 respectively. And if you are the enthusiast, you can also grab the gorgeous limited edition blood red Gears of War 4 2TB Xbox One S for $449.


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