Microsoft Word Flow Keyboard App Now Updated For iOS

Microsoft has made some awesome changes in their Word Flow keyboard application for iOS. The Word Flow keyboard is a third-party keyboard app for iOS devices. Today, Microsoft has updated the app with some new features. The Word Flow keyboard is known for its fast typing speed, search options, and personalization options. The new version of Microsoft Word Flow keyboard app introduces the new built-in search option. With this feature, you can search GIFs, restaurant names and much more. Microsoft Word Flow keyboard features an “arc mode” that helps the users to type using only one hand easily.

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Microsoft Word Flow keyboard

What’s New Microsoft Word Flow keyboard Version 2.0:

Microsoft Word Flow keyboard got its version 2.0 with some sweet improvements. Now you have the option to search for things right from your keyboard. The built-in search is powered by Microsoft’s Bing search engine. Microsoft also improved the keyboard with 3D-touch function. As the 3D-touch feature works great on Apple’s latest OS, Microsoft took the advantage of 3D-touch functions. Using Word Flow keyboard, you can change the direction of the cursor by utilizing the 3D-touch capability of your phone. Even in Apple’s standard keyboard, this option is not available.

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Microsoft Word Flow keyboard

There are some other improvements too. For example, when you write something rude or angry, you will see the angry emoji in the recommendation bar. You can also add custom themes (backgrounds) in your keyboard, similar to Google GBoard.

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The Microsoft Word Flow keyboard app first came on iOS in April 2016. The app received a positive response and it seems like people are going to love this improved version too. You can download Microsoft Word Flow keyboard app from iStore for free.

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