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No Man’s Sky Review – Is It Really That Good?

No Man’s Sky released a few days ago. The hype for No Man’s Sky is massive. Before release, news about No Man’s Sky were all over the place. So, after spending some time playing the game, here is our No Man’s Sky review.

About the Game:

No Man’s Sky is an action adventure and survival game developed by Hello Games. The game is made by a team of 15 people, lead primarily by Sean Murray. The special thing about No Man’s Sky is that the game features more than 18 quintillion planets to explore. And almost everything in the game is procedurally generated. This means that the algorithm of the game creates the world for you. Thanks to procedural generation, the game is only 2.6GB in size on the PC; and most of that are audio files. While all that is great, there are some drawbacks of procedural generation, which we will discuss later on in our No Man’s Sky review. No Man’s Sky also have some other interesting things too, like if you’re the first one to discover a planet or a species, you get to name it whatever you want.

No Man’s Sky Review

This game is quite similar to Minecraft in mechanics. Minecraft also uses procedural generation and the survival mechanics are similar too. In a nutshell, No Man’s Sky is like a space version of Minecraft, minus the blocky graphics and plus some new technologies.

Note: In this review, we’re running No Man’s Sky on PC at maximum settings at 1440p resolution. So, all these screenshots are the best No Man’s Sky can offer.

No Man's Sky Review - Is It Really That Good?

When you first start the game, you are greeted by a nice loading screen. After the loading is done, you will start on a random planet and your Starship is damaged.

No Man's Sky Review - Is It Really That Good?

After your Starship is good to go, you take-off into space. And space is really, really big. You can also engage in dogfights with hostile Sentinel Starships if you try to destroy certain things.

No Man's Sky Review - Is It Really That Good?
Atmospheric Entry in No Man’s Sky

The effects are amazing. Like when you’re entering the atmosphere of a planet, the front of your Starship gets a nice burning effect and when you’re using the Warp Drive to warp to other distant planets, you get another great shiny effect.

In space, there are space stations. In these stations, you can save your game (when you get out of the Starship) and buy/sell items and materials. The trading system is a big part of No Man’s Sky.

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No Man's Sky Review - Is It Really That Good?

The crafting system in No Man’s Sky is also quite cool, but a little bit complicated. You can equip your Multi-tool, Exosuit, and Starship with many upgrades. In order to craft these upgrades, you need certain materials and minerals. There’s a charging mechanic present too. As you use your mining tool and fly your Starship, the charging of the mining tool and the fuel in the Starship decrease. To fuel your Starship and charge your multi-tool, you need specific materials. So yeah, in No Man’s Sky, a lot of time is spent mining things.

No Man's Sky Review - Is It Really That Good?

However, the game gets boring sometimes. Spending so much time mining and doing the same things over and over again is a turn-off. Almost everything in No Man’s Sky is procedurally generated and sometimes, there are repetitions in the game. Some planets are abundant in materials and some are barren. But we did not encounter any barren planet. Also, the combat mechanics are pretty basic.

Graphically, No Man’s Sky is not-so-good. As we said before, there are drawbacks of procedural generation. The game lacks in animations and the textures are washed-out. And last but not the least, water textures in No Man’s Sky are terrible.

No Man's Sky Review - Is It Really That Good?
Washed-out textures, due to procedural generation.

No Man’s Sky also lacks physics. The terrain in the game simply has no weight. If you destroy a Heridium pillar in No Man’s Sky, you will notice that the parts left undestroyed keep floating the air. This is not due to the planet’s gravity as the player falls back to the ground when in air. Actually, this is due to the game’s limitations.

No Man's Sky Review - Is It Really That Good?

No Man’s Sky may be lacking in the graphical department, but no, the game itself is not bad at all. The game is beautiful and full of colors. Like during the night, the pinkish sky looks gorgeous. No Man’s Sky is a beautiful work of art.

Screenshot Gallery:

Here are some screenshots that show the beauty of No Man’s Sky; taken on a PC at 1440p resolution with maximum graphics settings.


To sum up everything, No Man’s Sky is a masterpiece. It is an absolutely amazing game created by only 15 people. The diversity of the game is what makes it a must-play. However, No Man’s Sky is not for everyone. This game may seem boring to some people. But for us, No Man’s Sky is simply astonishing. This game is a technological marvel.

However, due to the repetitions in No Man’s Sky, after playing it for a while, many people are going to give up. All this game needs is an immersive multiplayer mode. But well, there is a controversy going on about the multiplayer mode in No Man’s Sky. So, our No Man’s Sky review is based on what the game is offering so far.

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So there you have it. No Man’s Sky is a great game but it has its fair share of cons. This game definitely has potential but judging from what it’s offering so far, No Man’s Sky is not as good as what we expected it to be.

So that’s it for our No Man’s Sky review. For more reviews like this, stay tuned to GeeksULTD.



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