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PlayStation Players are discovering over 1M Species in No Man’s Sky Every Hour

A few days ago, Mr. Sean Murray, designer of No Man’s Sky announced the shock he felt when he found players discovering over 10M species within 24 hours of its release. However, it seems like players have taken it much further than expected. Simply Amazing!

Considering that players found 10M species within 24 hours, at a rate that of 1M species discovered every hour makes it 24M species in a day. Mr. Sean Murray just released a Tweet on Twitter which reads:

This is astonishing that their servers even held up well. Today’s the release of No Man’s Sky on the PC, it’ll be interesting to see how PC gamers fare up in finding species on No Man’s Sky compared to the PlayStation 4 Players

As of those unfamiliar with No Man’s Sky, No Man’s Sky is a game available on the PlayStation 4 and the PC. PlayStation 4 and PC Gamers were teased about this game two years ago. The game works by procedurally generating a whole universe. This means that the game runs on a set of code/algorithms that allows the game to generate the galaxy itself. Yes, that’s the complete galaxy in the game which also gives you the ability to name the planet if you found it first. Even the developers don’t know everything that is in the game. Since PC and PS4 servers aren’t linked together, a fresh start is evident for PC Gamers.

The way how they kept such a large game so small is by not using the traditional 3D polygons, instead, the opted for 3D Voxels. Digital Foundry has gone a great analysis and explanation of how it works, including the pros and cons for the use of this rendering.

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