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Rumor: Rockstar to Reveal Something New at Sony’s PlayStation Meeting

Previously, we reported that Sony is going to host the PlayStation Meeting next month. The event will be live on September 7th at 3PM in The PlayStation Theatre located in New York, USA.


It is expected that Sony is going to reveal their answer to the Xbox Scorpio. Sony may reveal their new console, currently called PlayStation Neo, at the meeting. According to many rumors, the PlayStation Neo is going to have more power than the current PS4. It is going to support 4K resolution and maybe HDR too.

Rumor: Rockstar to Reveal Something New at Sony’s PlayStation Meeting

Rumor: Rockstar to Reveal Something New at Sony's PlayStation Meeting

Well, it seems like in the PlayStation Meeting it is not just Sony that is going to reveal interesting new things. According to an industry insider, Tidux, Rockstar is going to make an appearance at the event too. The company is rumored to be working on new titles and there is a chance that they may reveal something new.

If Rockstar is going to be at the PlayStation Meeting, they may reveal Red Dead Redemption 2 or maybe something about the next GTA game. Or they could do something less interesting, like revealing the PlayStation Neo version of Grand Theft Auto V.

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This is a rumor, so you should take it with a grain of salt. If Rockstar does make an appearance, the event is going to be interesting. In the past months, we haven’t seen much from Rockstar besides “GTA Online”. So yeah, Rockstar may appear at PlayStation Meeting and they may reveal some great new things.

The conundrum will be answered on September 7th. Till then, we just need to sit back and wait. For more news like this, stay tuned to GeeksULTD.

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