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Voski’s Denuvo Bypass Won’t Work Anymore, Denuvo Has Blocked It

Denuvo is an anti-tamper technology developed by an Austrian company in 2014. Later that year, games like FIFA 15, Dragon Age: Inquisition and others released with Denuvo anti-tamper protection. The games lasted months without getting cracked. But now, with newer versions of Denuvo DRM, games are almost impossible to crack.

Voski’s Denuvo Bypass Won’t Work Anymore, Denuvo Has Blocked It

Voski's Denuvo Bypass

Many games including Doom 4, Just Cause 3 and Rise of the Tomb Raider came out with the updated version of this technology making them uncrackable. Pirate gamers thought that end to piracy was near as Denuvo remained uncrackable for a good amount of time.

But recently, a cracker named “Voksi” cracked Denuvo’s DRM. He was able to successfully play Denuvo-protected games like Just Cause 3, Inside and Rise of the Tomb Raider for free. He did so by tricking steam into thinking that the users are playing the demo version of the game, but in reality they played the full version. Seeing all these games cracked in such a short amount of time sparked happiness in the pirate gamers’ community. They thought Voksi defeated Denuvo.

But well, they were wrong. Denuvo has recently blocked Voksi’s activation method. You can’t activate a game using Voski’s crack anymore. But people who have activated can enjoy the game but in about 60 hours, their cracks will stop working too.

In a post, Voski said:

“Well, it was fun while it lasted. At least 600,000+ pirates were able to play the game in these 3 days. The Damage is done. Also remember that I could have keep this only for me and my friends, but decided to release it publicly, even though I knew it might be fixed. 🙂

Denuvo, the best protection left their servers to be breached by +600,000 users for 3 days. Lol. Great job, Donovo!”

As the post reads, more than 600,000 gamers played the games in the last 3 days. The cracker also publicly announced that he did this for the community as he could have kept the crack to himself. As of yet, the future is unpredictable and there are many more things to come. Keep it set on GeeksULTD for more.

Update: Rise of the Tomb Raider got cracked again by a cracker named “CONSPIR4CY”. The files are currently being uploaded on SkidrowReloaded website. We haven’t tested if it works or not as of yet.

Update 2: We’ve tested the new crack by CPY for Rise of The Tomb Raider. It works. Denuvo has been cracked for Rise of The Tomb Raider. It is expected that more games like Just Cause 3, Homefront: The Revolution, etc., will get cracked the same way too. 

Update 3 (24/Aug/2016) : Another Denuvo protected game, Inside, got cracked by CPY. It seems like Denuvo protected games are getting cracked one-by-one. We tested Inside and it works perfectly.

Update 4 (September 2016): DOOM 2016 also got cracked by the same guy. We also tested that and it works. 



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