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This $500,000 Black Diamond-Encrusted iPhone 7 Is Crazy

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The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus just launched and the internet is full of articles about Apple’s new phones. However, today, we’ve got something amazing for you. This black diamond-encrusted iPhone 7 costs $500,000. Yes, $500,000!

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This $500,000 Black Diamond-Encrusted iPhone 7 Is Crazy

This $500,000 Diamond-Encrusted iPhone 7 Is Crazy


Gresso, a company that loves to embellish high-end smartphones by adding valuable, durable and beautiful things like Gold, Diamond, and Titanium. And of course, these phones cost an absolute fortune too.

Gresso’s latest job is on the iPhone 7. Their “iPhone 7 Black Diamond Collection” consists of three iPhone 7s, worth $500,000 each. Now you might be thinking, what did they do to it to sell it for this amount of money?

Well, the back panel of the Gresso-made iPhone 7 consists of 1,450 black diamonds, which totals in about 102 carats. The body of the phone is also re-crafted, with grade-5 Titanium. On top of that, the Gresso logo on the back and the frame of the camera are made up of Gold (10g, 18kt). And last but not the least, the Gresso-made Apple iPhone 7 also comes with full-back Apple AirPods. The AirPods are also encrusted with 30 black diamonds, which total in about 2 carats. The Gresso-made iPhone 7 comes with 256 Gigabytes of internal memory.

This $500,000 Black Diamond-Encrusted iPhone 7 Is Crazy
Diamond-Encrusted All-Black AirPods!

So yeah, for $500k, you’re getting an iPhone 7 with diamonds and gold and AirPods that are also with diamonds and gold. Each unit is made by hand with extreme precision and one unit of this iPhone 7 took 18 hours to assemble.

If you’re not taking $500,000 that seriously, let me tell you what you can get in $500,000. In under $500,000, you can get a brand new Lamborghini Aventador and 2016 Mercedes-AMG GTS. If that’s not your thing, you can get 588 iPhone 7s in Matte Black color and 256GB capacity for just under $500,000. Let that sink in.

So there you have it, guys. If you have $500,000 laying around, you can get this iPhone 7 from Gresso’s website. For more stuff like this, stay tuned to GeeksULTD.


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