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Battlefield 1 Open Beta Progress Will Be Reset Before Final Release

Earlier this month, Battlefielders had their chance to look at what they could expect from Battlefield 1. The latest release in the Battlefield series, Battlefield 1 is just about to be released into the wild. With it’s release due for next month, many gamers are eager to find what more there is to the final version of the game.

The Battlefield 1 Open Beta rolled out with a few equipment for each class. Players were required to progress, level up and spend some of their achievements to unlock more equipment throughout the game. At first, most of the gun were locked and were required to be unlocked but after a few days, EA released an update that unlocked all of the weapons available in the demo.

While it’s most certain that that isn’t all the game offers, as other guns were unlockable stating “available in the full version of the game”. While we all know why EA was conservative on such a move, K/D ratios and other data will also be wiped out and reset before the game launches as Battlefield’s Twitter account confirmed earlier today. In a tweet a user asked Battlefield:

“@Battlefield will we get our beta levels and K/D ratio s when the game is released”

To which Battlefield Twitter replied:

Progress from the Battlefield 1 Open Beta will not carry over to release.

Until now, players have been able to play on two maps so far in the Alpha and Open Beta. Battlefield has been constantly updating new maps to the game. While Multiplayer has always been a strong point for players, personally, I am quite intrigued by what the campaign mode has to offer. To find about that you’ll most probably have to find about that after the release of the game.

Battlefield 1 will launch on the 21st October, 2016 and will be available on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. Newer consoles from Sony and Microsoft are expected to bring some added visuals to Battlefield 1! Let’s just see how well that turns out!

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