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How Close Does Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro Get To Gaming PCs?

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Usman Abdul Jabbar
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As most gamers are aware, the PlayStation 4 Pro has been announced by Sony last week.Just as Microsoft’s Project Scorpio, Sony is taking 4K and HDR gaming seriously. While it is pretty clear that Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro delivers a few supported games at 4K, Sony has officially confirmed that a few supported titles are being upscaled, rather than rendering games at native 4K resolution.

On the other hand, Microsoft has been expressing Sony’s early release of the PS4 Pro quite calmly as they claim that the Scorpio will provide uncompromised 4K gaming which will remain a mystery until next year. With these consoles targeting 4K, challenging PCs where 4K hasn’t completely bloomed yet, how close does Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro get to Gaming PCs?

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Technically speaking, the PlayStation 4 Pro comes with 4.2TFLOPs, meanwhile, Microsoft’s Project Scorpio comes with 6TFLOPs on paper. Comparing them directly to desktop GPUs, even the 11TFLOPs Pascal Titan X struggles to achieve 4K maxed out. It’s quite obvious that some corners might be cut off to bring 4k in an actually running state for consoles, unlike a maxed out PC.

While we could all agree that its a good bump from 1080p, it’s still great to see quite a bump in the quality of these consoles.

But how close does the PlayStation 4 Pro come to a 4K Gaming PC? Here’s an analysis Digital Foundry conducted on Rise of The Tomb Raider.

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Image Via: Digital Foundry YT | Right Side: PC / Left Side: PS4 Pro
Image Via: Digital Foundry YT | Right Side: PC / Left Side: PS4 Pro

Just as we expected, the PC version seems a lot more sharper than the PlayStation 4 Pro. Digital Foundry also found that a lot of the textures and shadows were quite tame and softer than the PC version. However, that isn’t to say that the PlayStation 4 is bad. Generally speaking, it’s quite hard to notice such changes in motion and definitely the PC version is looking sharper overall, but combining an HDR display hooked up to the PS4 Pro will bring some amazing visuals.

The PlayStation 4 Pro is set to release on the 10th of November for an aggressive price of $399.


  1. Yeah 4K and that 30fps sure does feel like the “experience” I’d want in my compromised gaming lifestyle. NOT…. These companies need to get off the 4K bandwagon and dish out what they’ve been touting from day one….1080″P”!!! Being that the “P” stands for progressive meaning “60fps!!!” But hey….they have to go somewhere now don’t they…?

    These new systems….especially Sony’s are all jokes. Spend a grand on our limited/gimped experience. “Goes out and buys a new tv….system and premium garbage to get the full experience!!” Only to have the new “top of the line” tv to not work when hooked up….way to go Sony. Great job introducing your stream box. Possibly would have bought it if it included a UHD Blu-Ray player, but I am done with half baked experiences for paying full price.


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