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Corsair’s New 460X Is a Beauty & Treat For PC Builders For Under $150

The PC Hardware market is definitely evolving at a rapid pace without a doubt. Companies like Corsair and Cooler Master are taking full advantage of the enthusiasm in the PC Hardware market lighting up their products and peripherals making desks more appealing and satisfying. Recently, Corsair announced some amazing and beautiful products into the wild such as their new Corsair Keyboard, Mouse, Mousepad and Fans. But what really attracts me personally is the PC Case itself.



The 460X by Corsair is definitely a jaw-dropper considering it’s size, looks and built-in RGB lighting. This new case by Corsair definitely makes me regret my Armageddon Xonatron T13 which we reviewed earlier this year. The Corsair 460X comes tempered glass side and front-panels, PSU cover, watercooling support and support for 360mm radiator in front.

The case supports GPUs with a max length of 370mm and a max height of 170mm for a CPU cooler. Additionally, the case comes with a built-in RGB controller on the front of the case, 2 x USB 3.0 ports, Headphone and Microphone jack and lastly a single Power and Reset button.

Considering the look of the PC Case, users who want to show off their PC Build could definitely take full advantage of their build and could showcase their hardware without any limitations.

Pricing & Thoughts

While the approach seems quite a dream come true, this idea isn’t new or one of it’s kind. Although, the case overall seems great to build in and look at with room of expansion. Though, if expansion was your thing, Cooler Master’s Mastercase also deserves a look if you don’t mind sacrificing on the design of the 460X.

Coming onto the pricing of this case, the 460X has an official MSRP of $139 which translates to RM569 in Malaysia. However, pricing may fluctuate by the time the 460X reaches Malaysian shores. Nonetheless, an impressive and beautiful case.

[Sources: CudoTech Malaysia Facebook]

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