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DriveClub Dev: Gamers Are Underestimating the PS4 Pro, Defends the PlayStation 4 Pro

The release of DriveClub VR is just around the corner thanks to PlayStation’s in-house PSVR headset. When the PlayStation 4 was launched back in 2013, DriveClub played an excellent role in filling in the genre gap for the PS4 launch. Bringing amazing visuals and immersion in the racing world. Taking that into account, DriveClub was also a PS4 exclusive, and still is, enrolling itself into the top PS4 exclusives.

Given Sony’s recent moves of playing smart cards with their good lineup of titles, Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro and VR are set to take full advantage of Sony’s console ecosystem they’ve laid out so far for Sony fans and other fans in general.

Sony’s new PlayStation 4 Pro that is due to release later this November promises to to up Sony’s game in visuals and graphics performance along with smooth frame-rates. Given that Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro has more than 2x the GPU power compared to the base/original PlayStation 4, an overclocked CPU and extra memory headroom, Sony has given developers the option to further enhance their games for the PlayStation 4 Pro if they will to take advantage of the extra horsepower available in the PlayStation 4 Pro. And we could expect DriveClub VR to take advantage of the extra horsepower of the Pro,although that’s to be seen soon. We’ll have to keep our eyes peeled on how both systems, the original and Pro handle VR.

Having DriveClub VR being released early next month, former director of DriveClub, Paul Rustchynsky, answered some questions regarding their upcoming release and a few thoughts that fans had regarding the PS4 Pro.

Paul first tweeted:

Too many people are underestimating the without having seen it in action

Then a fan tried to bring up the 4K Blu-Ray absence in the Pro two which he replied:

would that improve my gaming?

Then he answered a few answers regarding DriveClub VR and if it’s really worth it.

Paul pretty much answered the most concerning questions regarding the upcoming release of the PS4 Pro. Considering the immersive experience that DriveClub has to offer in VR it just feels satisfying.

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