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Microsoft Clarifies Project Scorpio, Native 4K Gaming Confirmed

We know how much of a drama went down this month after Sony officially announced the PlayStation 4 Pro. Sony’s new console was confirmed to sport 4.2 TFLOPs of compute power with a more hardware headroom for developers to tap into. On the other hand, at E3 2016, Microsoft announced that Project Scorpio will sport 6TFLOPs of compute power. Until this moment, TFLOPs haven’t proven the full story yet.

Last week, Sony’s accusations of false advertising was clarified in their FAQ in which they highlighted how the PS4 will upscale supported games according to the resolution of the display. While I wouldn’t brag about PC Gaming, PC games run at 4k natively, which means that the image rendered will be super sharp as intended instead of using wizardry to render games at 4k. Digital Foundry also showcased how much of a difference there is between native and upscaled 4k gaming.

The PC clearly outclassed the visuals on the PlayStation 4 in terms of textures, lighting, graphics and even sharpness. Unless both machines are compared side to side, you wouldn’t really notice the difference.


While Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 will take advantage of upscaling (which it will most of the time for triple-A titles), Microsoft claims that their upcoming Project Scorpio will natively run games at 4k. I certainly wouldn’t call that impressive yet as Microsoft didn’t mention if all games will run natively at 4k or even if older games will be upscaled or even take advantage of the Scorpio’s power.

Even if they pulled that off, its pretty much expected that they will have to fine tune the graphics settings and textures to run at locked or above 30FPS.

But considering the huge bump in specifications, it’d better put it to proper use and it looks like they will as Scorpio has already reached a few developers and are working on it.

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