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Sony Officially Unveils The PlayStation 4 Slim

Despite the early leaks and shipments of the PlayStation 4 Slim, Sony has officially unveiled and announced the PlayStation 4 Slim. They did act like no one knew about the PlayStaiton 4 Slim but still, we now know for sure that Sony’s answer to the Xbox One S is here.

The PlayStaiton 4 Slim got officially unveiled by Sony today at the PlayStation Meeting. The PlayStation 4 Slim is, of course, the slimmer version of the OG PS4. It is going to replace the original PS4 and it’ll go head to head with Microsoft’s Xbox One S.

The PlayStation 4 Slim features a smaller design as compared to the original PS4. It also has an “easy to remove” hard drive caddy and tool-less access to the back panel. Moreover, it also comes with a revamped DualShock 4 controller.

One of the amazing things that Sony did here is that BOTH the original PS4 and the PS4 Slim are now going to support HDR through a firmware update, which is great for current PS4 users. The PS4 Slim is more silent and power-efficient too.

Sony is discontinuing the original PS4, which means that soon after the release of the PS4 Slim, you won’t be able to get the original PS4 brand new from the shop. The PS4 Slim will replace the original PS4.

The Sony PlayStation 4 Slim will hit the markets on September 15, 2016. It will cost $299.





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