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First Watch Dogs Aiden Pearce May Appear In Watch Dogs 2 Teases Ubisoft

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With the hype for the next installment in the Watch Dogs 2 franchise building up, Ubisoft has made is clear about how different the characters and cities are in Watch Dogs 2 compared to the original Watch Dogs game.

Assuming that the original Watch Dogs game was based in Chicago and Watch Dogs 2 being based in San Fransisco, it was pretty apparent that we won’t be seeing Aiden Pearce in the upcoming Watch Dogs 2 game.

This time around, Ubisoft have opted for a much more refined and a much more intuitive way to play Watch Dogs 2 with the main storyline being based on Marcus Holloway. While the objective and missions are based on the same core idea, the gameplay mechanics now allow you to work with side missions to add up to the main storyline as you play throughout the game.

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Twitter users had the chance to ask the developers some question and the question of Aiden Pearce popped up to their knowledge in which Lucien Soulban did garnish some salt over the subject. Here’s his reply on Twitter:

Amazingly enough it seems like there might be some kind of hint throughout the game hinting Aiden Pearce assuming Lucien’s response to the Twitter user.

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Although this should be taken with a grain of salt, there isn’t much time before that has been confirmed at the launch of Watch Dogs 2 this November 15.


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