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Battlefield 1 Hackers Getting Banned

Battlefield 1 is now available to play to Origin Access members. The game is officially going to release worldwide on October 21, but people with Origin Access and ‘Early Enlister Edition’ of Battlefield 1 can play the game before the worldwide release date. However, the game already has hackers even before the worldwide release.

Battlefield 1 Hackers Getting Banned

Battlefield 1 Hackers Getting Banned
Image Via: IGN

Evan Lahti from PCGamer encountered a hacker in his first Battlefield 1 match. To be specific, the hacker was using a wallhack. PCGamer also uploaded a video on YouTube, showing how good the cheat was working for the hacker. Here, take a look at it below:

But thanks to Fairfight, the anti-cheat technology in Battlefield 1, the hacker is no more. Other hackers will quickly get banned from the game too. I’ve also seen a guy getting banned in a conquest match I was in. That guy was the MVP of the match but I don’t know for sure if he was hacking or not. However, I do think that he was hacking, because he got banned.

Battlefield 1 Hackers Getting Banned
Screenshot by Reddit user “detuscan“.

So there you have it guys. Hackers in Battlefield 1 are getting punished now. For more, stay tuned to GeeksULTD.

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