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Microsoft Admits Defeat in Smartphone Market

Microsoft tried their best in the smartphone market, with their Lumia smartphones based on the Windows platform. However, it didn’t go very well against Android and iOS. People are leaning more towards Android and iOS smartphones now, because of their wide range of applications, stability, and features.

Microsoft Admits Defeat in Smartphone Market

Microsoft Admits Defeat in Smartphone Market

Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO, has admitted that the company didn’t go well in the smartphone market. At the WSJDLive Global Technology Conference 2016 by The Wall Street Journal, Nadella said:

“We clearly missed mobile, there’s no question.”

With the Windows Phone OS, Microsoft stepped into the smartphone market. Their Lumia smartphones were actually very well-received and at that time it seemed like they are toe-to-toe with Android and iOS. However, the usage of Windows Phone died down after a couple of years, and now, Microsoft only holds less than 1% shares of the smartphone industry.

But Nadella says that he aims to change the image of the company by revolutionary technologies such as the HoloLens reality headset.

Nadella further said:

“You’ve got to be able to add unique value and be on the hunt for the next big category.”

It seems like Microsoft is trying to do something here, but Nadella did not reveal what it is at the conference. For more, keep it locked on GeeksULTD.


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