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Xiaomi’s Ripped Off Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Render Leaks Ahead Of Launch

Apple of China? Xiaomi it is.

Xiaomi has been very well known for providing no compromise smartphones for almost half the price of the big boys. While the company has been embracing quite a lot of fans and setting records, its pretty evident that their Mi5 didn’t sell out very well which could be due to the OnePlus 3 and competition it’s facing. Soon after the release of the Mi5, the Chinese company didn’t take much time to release the Mi5s and the Mi5s Plus bringing updated specifications and some new twists here and there.

But what about their early 2015 Mi Note? While many users might confuse this with Xiaomi’s Redmi Note lineup, which by the way was the best selling smartphone online in India, the Mi Note is Xiaomi’s no compromise phablet just shy of 5.7-inches.

With the recent debacle of the Note 7 recall and seize of its production, it seems like the company has started to have a few slices or two following the recent render. While Samsung is preparing for the S8 according to rumors (which should be pretty accurate), the 5.7-inch market isn’t that saturated yet with many devices backing off at 5.5 inches. Considering the few slices Xiaomi wants and the long awaited sequel to the Mi Note, it seems like a perfect time for Xiaomi to show off their variant of the Note in style.

Taking a look at Xiaomi’s recent price drops in Malaysia, it seems like the company should be ready for the next sequel. Launched back in 2015 for RM1700 (2015/USD 499), the original Mi Note featured a “still-capable” Snapdragon 801, 3GB RAM, 64GB of Internal Storage and a large 5.7-inch display. Nowadays, that RM1700 phone is hovering around the RM1000 (Oct, 2016/$238) mark.

According to the leaked/rumored render, the upcoming Xiaomi Mi Note will feature the dual curved display, yes you’re correct, just like the recent Samsung smartphones. While Xiaomi is very well known for very low price tags, it seems like the company wants to go all out and may retail the upcoming Mi Note for over $800 which should better make up for its cost if they really wan’t to increase the price tag that much.

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