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Gamers Started A Petition With LG Over Non-Responsive TVs

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With the Gaming market seeing an uprise in implementing HDR, TV manufacturers have bumped up their displays to support these technologies and provide customers with the best TVs they can offer.

Both Sony and Microsoft have implemented HDR on their recently released consoles, the Xbox One S from Microsoft, and the complete PlayStation 4 lineup support HDR. However, it seems like gamers are experiencing among the most frustrating issues they could have during gaming, and that’s input lag.

Input lag plays a key role and is often very important aspect of gaming. Basically, input lag is simply the delay between the user’s input and how long the display displays that action. LG’s 2016 OLED TVs are said to have HDR input lag according the gamers who have started the petition. Modern TVs usually have an input lag of around 30-50ms depending on the model of the TV, but over 70ms is simple unacceptable for many, especially FPS gamers. While Modern TVs also game with a “Game” mode built-in, LG’s implementation of their Game mode simply doesn’t support HDR which just defeats the purpose of these new consoles.

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For this to be presented to LG, the petition requires only 75 more signups to reach the 1000 goal at the moment. To sign up for the petition, here’s their petition at Change.Org.

Till then, lets see how LG takes this into their consideration. Other users can comment how they feel about their TVs below.


  1. What is the petition for? It is stated in the fact sheet is it not?
    Was there false advertisement or is it just a lot of people who did not do their research and bought the wrong tv?

    • thank you!!! People have become SO entitled and whiny these days that its hard to feel sorry for anyone! These people are just dumabsses that did not research before purchase and are now pushing blame elsewhere ¬_¬

    • This is the exact reason I am holding off on buying a 4K HDR TV. Sony and Microsoft are pushing for 4K HDR gaming and yet most 4K HDR TVs are almost unplayable with most types of games. There’s definitely a market for this. This is a good thing.

    • No need to hold off there are TVs that handle this perfect. That’s why i have the Samsung 65in KS8500. It does 4k, HDR and only 19ms of input in game mode. It’s one of the most responsive TVs on the market right now. And most importantly is does game mode and HDR at the same time.

    • Nothing wrong with that. I love my purchase though. Hopefully LG will have more affordable OLED TVs with low input lag. Or Samsung and Sony can come out with some more beastly TVs.

    • Yeah but I think they won’t be much lower than 19ms, or 19 ms at all. Heck, even 19ms is better than most 1080P TV’s I have seen. You definitely made a good purchase with your Samsung TV.

    • You’re completely misunderstanding the situation.

      I have an OLED55E6. I did my research and I knew the game mode was 34 ms for 1080p and 4K gaming. That’s a good number and i’m happy with it.

      What matters is, is that usually it’s harder (before) to find the input lag with HDR on. That’s the situation. Turning on game mode turns it to 34 ms. Playing in HDR makes the TV leave game mode and it becomes approx >60 ms.

      I did my research thoroughly with the input lag in game modes etc. But this HDR gaming is a new thing. That’s why the petition is. Also because Samsung and Sony have done something about it with their firmware updates. It’s definitely possible to for them to add an HDR gamemode.

    • although i hear what you said.. it all still boils down to you saying you didn’t do enough research into HDR.. its honestly as simple as that. as harsh as it sounds.. it’s still the bottom line truth.

    • only ps4 gamers petition anything they bought the tv because they have no clue about 4k and hdr and which one to

      return it or deal deal with it.petitions from ps4 gamers NEVER work…lmao

    • they games dont petition to get people fired for a bad uncharted review.btw you are blaming everyone but sony.ts already been show that its the ps4 pro thats not working with select tv’s because of the hdmi cable.

      some time you have to look at the source but a fan boy can do that its everyone elses

      enjoy your melting ps4 pro that runs worse then the ps4..lmao

    • whats lame is your response grammar really? whats next the usual retarded pc gamer line is english your first language? retards need to come up with something new…lol

  2. did not even have to read the article to know its ps4 games…lol.also no petition they ahve ever done has worked so just return it or deal with it.

    its your fault for buying it…lmao

    • Lol way to enable crappy practices fact of the matter is a ,65in e6 oled is $6000 cad without tax and advertises hdr and game mode in the specs. And it doesn’t say one doesn’t work with the other heck most people who bought the b6 and the e6 didn’t even get told by the salesmen because even they didn’t know. Not to mention it’s clear the only reason lg can’t patch in game mode hdr or reduce hdr a lag is because they cheaped out on a processor for a $6000 tv. If lg can’t patch simple features like every other tv maker than really why buy their stuff when you know their absolutely useless at patching and expect you to buy a new 6000 dollar tv every year when they leave off basic important features on their flagship overpriced tvs. Being the only tv brand that can’t patch game mode/hdr should bring lg shame. Absolute amateurs who lost a tonne of sales to samsung because of their blind arrogance. I know I’ll prob be going with the samsung ks9800 if lg doesn’t patch it. Nobody expected lg to know hdr was going to blow up on console in 2015 when the tv was designed but you atleast expect them to not use minimum amount of power processor on a flag ship tv. It’s clear something went wrong with the 2016 oleds. It seems to me they couldn’t get hdr to work in game mode with their garbage processor so they just released a unfinished overpriced product than told their customers they were going to patch game mode for months than said they couldn’t because of a hardware issue and said the fix will come in the 2017 line up like how is that acceptable and justified as whining.

    • That’s the thing I didn’t buy it yet. I was going to but I was on a gaming website on a 4k pro article and a guy told me not to get the b6 or e6 because game mode didn’t work with hdr. Which is how I found out on the forums that he was right than discovered the petition. Problem is some people were lead on by lg so they kept their tvs past the grace period thinking lg was patching game mode than all of a sudden they start telling people 2016 models aren’t getting a hdr input lag patch or anything. Lg are scumbags and if people don’t show them they notice than lg will keep on scumbagging. This game mode fiasco has guaranteed cost them millions and lost alot business to samsung and sony. It’s a shame because oled is awesome but it’s not worth playing bf1 at 70ms input lag with e6 or playing 38 -54 cycled input lag which is way worse than high static input lag on the b6.

    • i dont care if people chose to buy a tv with out a warranty thats their fault not lg’s.

      i dont feel sorry one bit for them.thats just the hard truth.thats what warranties are for.

      lg will not care about a petition for video gamers…lol.

    • How much does lg pay you bro. On a 6000 dollar tv warrantys are 1000 dollars for 5 years and I’m not even sure game mode without hdr is a warranty issue.

    • If we’re talking about common sense then maybe lg should follow that. You got a game mode you got hdr combine them ffs it’s common sense or atleast patch it in.

  3. 70ms LOLLLLLLLL, you say 1ms its still LOLLLLLLL

    i remember the days, where there was a king called CRT a technology of the highest order, espcically for gamers, it didnt matter if it was a tv or monitor it was simply spectacular

    ZERO motion blur
    ZERO input lag
    BEST viewing angles
    BEST color
    INSANE contrast
    NO LCD PANEL problems

    And Also
    From wikipedia: >
    No Native resolution Currently, the only display technology capable of multi-syncing
    (displaying different resolutions and refresh rates without the need for
    scaling). Display lag
    is extremely low due to its nature, which does not have the ability to
    store image data before output, unlike LCDs, plasma displays and OLED

    the bigest downside to them was their power consumption that was being worked on alongside reducing their size and weight even more but LCDs overtaken the market thanks to cheap customers and gamers are effected since then


  4. Just another reason these consoles will never be on par/parity with a true PC and the experience only that can offer.

    100+Hz….CHECK, 100+FPS at balls out resolution….CHECK, ability to change most all settings for a tailored experience…..CHECK, true support for UHD textures and resolution….CHECK, and just to mention the controls on a PC will always devastate those console “controllers” any and all days of the week. Most of all there will never be (again!!) console users playing with PC users in any game that is remotely competitive in any way……especially in FPS/RTS!

    Total decimation would take place. Especially when these feeble excuses of a console attempt to play with the PC counterpart with a horrendous excuse of 30 or less frames per second, this input lag and their sorry lack of true support for a keyboard and mouse. Maybe if they did think more PC like in the consoles actual hardcore fans might be a little bit more impressed.

  5. Haha gamers can be so stupid. That’s why you do research before you make a purchase especially with electronics. I didn’t need to hold off. my Samsung 65in KS8500 does 4k, HDR and game mode all at the same time with only 19ms of input lag. That’s extremely impressive for a TV. I swear my reaction time has gotten so much better playing Battlefield and CoD since I upgraded from a 50in Magnavox.

    I like the way the OLED TVs look but I found out the input lag on those things are terrible and can’t even do HDR at the same time game mode is on? That’s pathetic.

  6. Any modern tv should be able to display 4k content at a minimum of 60hz HDR and also have a fast response time in line with their 1080p counterparts.

    The issue is alot of these companies are using cheap chips in order to cut costs and they are also just using parts of their old software which was optimized over the last decade for 1080p, again to save money.

    The biggest problem is they aren’t selling them for cheap enough so justify these easy to fix flaws they are selling them for prices where you would expect bespoke hardware (at a higher end so it can handle image processing while maintaining a low latency) and software.

    That’s why I’m waiting until at LEAST the next hardware revision. I almost bought a tv a few weeks ago that was 4k. Instead I decided while they look gorgeous they just aren’t there yet for gaming at the high end.


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