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Gamers Started A Petition With LG Over Non-Responsive TVs

With the Gaming market seeing an uprise in implementing HDR, TV manufacturers have bumped up their displays to support these technologies and provide customers with the best TVs they can offer.

Both Sony and Microsoft have implemented HDR on their recently released consoles, the Xbox One S from Microsoft, and the complete PlayStation 4 lineup support HDR. However, it seems like gamers are experiencing among the most frustrating issues they could have during gaming, and that’s input lag.

Input lag plays a key role and is often very important aspect of gaming. Basically, input lag is simply the delay between the user’s input and how long the display displays that action. LG’s 2016 OLED TVs are said to have HDR input lag according the gamers who have started the petition. Modern TVs usually have an input lag of around 30-50ms depending on the model of the TV, but over 70ms is simple unacceptable for many, especially FPS gamers. While Modern TVs also game with a “Game” mode built-in, LG’s implementation of their Game mode simply doesn’t support HDR which just defeats the purpose of these new consoles.

For this to be presented to LG, the petition requires only 75 more signups to reach the 1000 goal at the moment. To sign up for the petition, here’s their petition at Change.Org.

Till then, lets see how LG takes this into their consideration. Other users can comment how they feel about their TVs below.

Usman Abdul Jabbar

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