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Nintendo Switch’s Design is “Ground-Breaking”, Says Nvidia CEO

If you don’t already know, Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s upcoming gaming console. It is powered by Nvidia. Today, Nvidia’s CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, weighed in on the Nintendo Switch. He calls the design of the device “ground-breaking”.

Nintendo Switch’s Design is “Ground-Breaking”, Says Nvidia CEO

Nintendo Switch's Design is "Ground-Breaking", Says Nvidia CEO

At Nvidia’s third-quarter results briefing, Jen-Hsun Huang was asked by VentureBeat about his thoughts on the Nintendo Switch and why Nvidia chose to work with Nintendo. He said:

“In the case of Switch, it was such a ground-breaking design.”

He further added:

“It’s a scenario where two great engineering teams, working with their creative teams, needed to hunker down. Several hundred engineering years went into building this new console. It’s the type of project that really inspires us, gets us excited. It’s a classic win-win.”

Nintendo and Nvidia are currently working on the Nintendo Switch. The Switch was announced by Nintendo in October. It uses a custom-made Nvidia Tegra processor, according to Nvidia. Nintendo will reveal more on the Nintendo Switch on January 12, 2017, via a livestream.

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