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PlayStation 4 Pro Temps Max Out At An Impressive 35°C

We already know the massive improvements Sony’s new console, the PlayStation 4 Pro is bringing to the table. Both consoles from Sony and Microsoft are sporting AMD’s 14nm custom Polaris SoCs which may be more efficient than you think. Topping off at just 35°C, the PS4 Pro is astonishingly cool.

PlayStation 4 Pro Temps Max Out At An Impressive 35°C

PlayStation 4 Pro Temps Max Out At An Impressive 35°C
Image: Pocket-lint

According to Sony’s listing, the PlayStation 4 Pro has an operating temperature of 5-35° which is certainly impressive but just a figure until we see the real deal.

Being a former PlayStation 4 owner, I remember the original PlayStation 4 reaching uncomfortable temperatures. However, we know that the temperatures aren’t the biggest factor here. While it is certainly impressive for the PlayStation 4 Pro to max out at 35°, the console is easily capable of running games at 1080p 60FPS and upscaling certain titles to 4K from 1080p. The console will also run some special titles at native 4K resolution.

Adding to the bulkier size, the PlayStation 4 Pro seems to have some extra room to allow easier heat dissipation. Let us know in the comments how you feel about these temperatures. Do you think these are true? What’s your thoughts?


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