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Sony Deletes Forum Posts About PlayStation 4 Pro 4K Issues on Bravia TV

The PlayStation 4 Pro is the latest and greatest console from Sony. It has better specs than the PS4 and it runs games at 4K resolution, at least that’s what Sony says. However, the PS4 Pro doesn’t run all games at native 4K resolution. It upscales many games to 4K from a lower resolution such as 1080p. But still, for $450, it is an amazing console and it is definitely worth it if you have a 4K TV.

Sony Deletes Forum Posts About PlayStation 4 Pro 4K Issues on Bravia TV

Sony Deletes Forum Posts About PlayStation 4 Pro 4K Issues on Bravia TV
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However, it seems like Sony is trying to hide the problems that the users are facing on the PlayStation 4 Pro. The 4K upscale thing aside, many users are not able to enjoy games on their PlayStation 4 Pro on a Sony Bravia x930D 4K TV. There’s been a lot of discussion going around about this over on Reddit too. There’s a lot of input lag, due to which the games are not able to enjoy games on the PS4 Pro.

So, the users took the issue to Sony forums. In the now-deleted forum post, the user warned other people about the issue with the Bravia TV and advised them not to buy the $1,500-$2,000 4K TV if they’re going to be pairing it with a PS4 Pro.

The first post, which was 93 pages long, got deleted. The second post also got deleted, 5-10 minutes after it got posted. Some time after that, a third thread got posted which got deleted instantly.

“Sony’s 2016 Bravia line is ill-equiped to handle 4K gaming, as their flagship models have really high levels of input latency. Sony advertises their x930D bravia model as best fit for the PS4 Pro, but users who actually have it face a sever disadvantage when it comes to competitive and even casual games like Battlefield.”
– Says Reddit user GivingCreditWhereDue.

After some time, another thread got posted about the issue on Sony community forums but it didn’t get deleted. But that is probably because the users noticed the posts getting deleted and took that to Reddit.

Sony is working on fixing the issue ASAP, but they didn’t say anything about when the issue will be fixed. But still, deleting the forum posts was unethical. As for the Bravia owners, they can only wait for a fix for now. If you want to game on your PS4 Pro now, we suggest connecting it to another TV. For more on this, keep it set on GeeksULTD.

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