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Top 5 Games That Deserve Sequels

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Games come and go, but some games are so good that they remain in our heart forever. Today, we’re looking at the top 5 games that deserve sequels. These games were absolutely awesome in their time and getting a sequel of these games would be amazing. So, without further chit-chat, let’s start.

Top 5 Games That Deserve Sequels

Top 5 Games That Deserve Sequels

5. Split/Second

Top 5 Games That Deserve Sequels

Released in 2010, Split/Second was an amazing racing game. This game was unique. Just like the demolition events in Battlefield 4, Split/Second also had destruction events that would change the course of the race drastically. I remember playing Split/Second on my PSP back in 2010 and for me, it was the best racing game back then.

Getting the sequel of Split/Second today would be awesome. More cars, more destruction and all of that in today’s high-quality graphics and it may just give NFS and Forza Horizon 3 a run for their money. However, a sequel of Split/Second is pretty unlikely. Because, the developers of Split/Second, Disney Interactive Studio, is no longer functioning. But still, this is a game that deserves a sequel.

4. Mad Max

Top 5 Games That Deserve Sequels

Mad Max is the newest title in this list. The game was developed by Avalanche Studios and published by Warner Bros. in 2015. Mad Max was a great game, IMO. The rugged world, the characters, the vehicles, and the story goes well together.

Mad Max ended with Max getting his car back and driving away, to the unknown. There can be a sequel on what Max finds there. For now, there is no news about the sequel of Mad Max but a sequel of this game would be great.

3. Blur

Top 5 Games That Deserve Sequels

Another racing game in this list, Blur was released in 2010 as an arcade racing game. It was really fun, especially when playing multiplayer with friends. Blur featured many cars, ranging from Ford GTs to Vans with F1 engines. The game can be played online or with friends, using split screen.

The single player mode of Blur wasn’t that good, but the multiplayer mode is absolutely amazing. The sequel of Blur made in today’s graphics and latest cars would be just awesome. This game definitely deserves a sequel!

2. The Last of Us

Top 5 Games That Deserve Sequels

The Last of Us is one of the best games on the PlayStation platform, if not the best. The gameplay, story, characters, theme and everything about this game just stole my heart. Released in 2013 on the PS3 and in 2014 on the PS4, The Last of Us got great reviews from all over the world.

The Last of Us did get an enhanced remastered version on the PS4 in 2014, however, it was not a sequel. The sequel of The Last of Us is possible, because the Creative Director of the game, Neil Druckmann, when asked about the sequel of The Last of Us on his Reddit AMA, said:

“Right now I’d say it’s about 50/50.”

However, no solid news about the sequel of The Last of Us is out yet. But still, we may get the sequel of this game, which would be totally cool!

1. Bully

Top 5 Games That Deserve Sequels

Bully is one of the best games Rockstar has ever made. Released back in 2006, 10 years ago, Bully was a very fun game. If you’ve played this game, you are probably getting that nostalgic feeling right now.

Many people want the sequel of Bully, that’s because the original game was so good. The sequel of Bully is possible and it could even be the next big game from Rockstar, after Red Dead Redemption 2. In the comment section of the trailer of Bully, tons of people are requesting the sequel of this game.

So there you have it, guys. That’s it for our list of top 5 games that deserve sequels. Do you have some other games in your mind that also deserve a second part? Let us know in the comment section below!

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