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2K Assures To Reverse Their Ban On Players Sharing Custom Wrestlers

2K17 players recently reported an outrage where they were banned for sharing custom versions of wrestlers in the communtiy. Recently 2K Games issued a statement regarding the ban assuring such gamers to be unbanned soon.

2K Games said:

“On behalf of the 2K Dev Team, sorry that it sounds like you’ve had some issues with your recently posted content to Community Creations and getting banned. I’ve informed Customer Service regarding your particular case, and if you reach out to them, they should lift the ban. Just so you’re aware, the Lilith CAW you uploaded without the belt is on the borderline in terms of acceptability due to the high level of butt cheek exposure (though we understand that the removal of the belt was out of your hands), please bear that in mind with your CAW creations moving forward when uploading them to Community Creations.”

“On the other hand, the Kasi Cage CAW that was uploaded by your friend probably shouldn’t have triggered a ban in the first place. Sorry to hear that it hasn’t expired for him, but please have him reach out to Customer Service as well to get the ban released. If you have any issues in your interactions with Customer Service, please let me know.”

Its nice to see the dev team check on the issues and as well respond to such issues in the community. It’s always amazing to see such devs accept their mistake and get stuff working again. Kudos to 2k Games

Usman Abdul Jabbar

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