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EA’s Battlefield 1 Still Going Strong Two Months Into Its Release

Battlefield 1 has been a huge success for EA. After unveiling the initial clips of the game at E3 2016, EA received an enormous amount of support for thinking out of the box and bringing a WW1 game to the masses in 2016.

After it’s initial launch back in October 2016, EA’s Battlefield 1 Mutiplayer mode has excellently managed to keep gamers attention. EA definitely learnt their lesson back with Battlefield 4 which allowed them to launch Battlefield 1 with full stability on all platforms, including the PC.

EA also took care of the minor bugs and a few pesky hackers present in the game by banning them and cleaning up their servers. EA has also promised to continuously release more content and update the game with more features and maps with a few more maps arriving early 2017. We can definitely see how much effort EA is putting into Battlefield 1 and it is showing.

EA's Battlefield 1 Still Going Strong Two Months Into Its Release 1

According to a statistics tracker, most of the players playing online are PlayStation 4 gamers, but that isn’t to say that Microsoft’s Xbox One is behind. Since it’s initial launch, the Xbox One has seen the best increase of players over these months with more players boarding onto the bandwagon. A contributing factor to this may be the launch of the Xbox One S in August, along with a Battlefield 1 Xbox One S bundle that Microsoft is still offering. But with the interruption in its sales streak, thanks to the PlayStation 4 Pro, it’ll be interesting to see how the chart landslides in a few months time. As of PC gamers, Battlefield 1 is seeing a slight, yet steady decrease of players.

EA's Battlefield 1 Still Going Strong Two Months Into Its Release 2

While the tables are constantly turning between the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One S and PlayStation 4 actually saw an impressive increase in players this past week thanks to the recent offers and sales going on.

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