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No Man’s Sky’s Investigation Goes Clean, False Advertisement Claims Cleared

Without a doubt, No Man’s Sky was a big disaster in the gaming industry. News and articles about No Man’s Sky were all over the place, but the game didn’t live up to the hype and received a lot of negative response from the community.

No Man’s Sky’s Investigation Goes Clean, False-Advertisement Claims Cleared

No Man's Sky's Investigation Goes Clean, False Advertisement Claims Cleared

The condition of the game was very bad, sometime after the release of the game. However, things are getting better. Recently, Hello Games, the developers of No Man’s Sky, rolled out the “Foundation Update“, which brings many new features in the game.

Another good thing that happened to No Man’s Sky today is that it got cleared from the investigations that were going on. At Sony’s E3 conference, the trailer of No Man’s Sky caused a lot of hype about the game. Twenty-three people reported the trailer and few other advertisements of No Man’s Sky to be misleading and ASA UK (Advertising Standard Authority) started investigating both Hello Games and Steam.

ASA thoroughly investigated the case. They compared the reported material to in-game footage found on YouTube and the footage provided by Hello Games. They also experienced the game themselves.

ASA also checked many other things, such as AI behavior, visuals, UI, etc. The ASA decided that the components that were reported do not exactly match the components of the actual game just because the game is huge. Coming across an exact match in a massive procedurally-generated universe is very unlikely.

The ASA also concluded that the footage shown in the trailers is not much different from the actual game. The small changes that were made to the game when it released were development changes and that doesn’t make up false advertisement.

So there you have it, guys. No Man’s Sky is not under investigation anymore. For more, keep it locked on Geeks Unlimited!

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