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18.4-inch Nokia Tablet With Pops Up On GeekBench

It’s not like everyday that we’re seeing manufacturers coming out blazing guns with their ultra-new shiny high-end tablets. We haven’t seen a large tablet in a while. The last one I could remember is Samsung’s Galaxy View which was a huge monitor that was not ergonomic at all. Well that isn’t the purpose of these devices anyways.

Nokia has had a huge tumble for all these years and yet recently they revealed their new smartphones at CES 2017. Of course by no means that was Nokia’s end. The so-called legendary phone maker could be working on a new 18.4″ inch tablet for the masses. Popping up on GeekBench earlier, the device seems to reveal quite a few details on the device.

18.4-inch Nokia Tablet With Pops Up On GeekBench 4

Powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 paired with 4GB of RAM, this device definitely wants to set the show. Some additional specifications include 64GB of storage and an 18.4-inch 2560×1440 display. If the device’s display wasn’t shocking enough, Nokia included a 12MP camera that records videos up to 4K. Imagine holding an 18.4 inch monitor in your hand to take a picture.

Of course, some additional features this Nokia device comes with is support for Bluetooth, accelerometers, NFC and more. On the camera side, you’re getting a camera on the front and back, although, support for HDR seems missing at the moment. But this is all a rumor right? Just take this with a grain of salt for now unless Nokia comes out blazing guns.

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