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Acer’s 43-inch 4K 5ms Monitor For Under $499 Is An Amazing Pick For Any Gaming Setup

Acer has been in the monitor market for more than a while. Well-known for their ultra-wide Predator monitor line-up, Acer has managed to squeeze in an amazing, yet affordable 4k monitor that spans a diagonal length of 43-inches.

There aren’t many PC monitors that are as large as 43-inches. PC gamers who really want a large display usually go for TVs. Dell first gave their shot at their 43-inch 4k display (god knows how well that went), although, the price of the Dell P4317Q was quite frightening, US$1,349 to be exact. To tackle it’s only competitor, Acer has come up with their own 4K 43-inch display, as they recently showed off in Malaysia. Our friends at had their chance to have a look at it, and it looks great.

Acer's 43-inch 4K 5ms Monitor For Under $499 Is An Amazing Pick For Any Gaming Setup 4

Some specifications of the ET430K include a 4K 43-inch display running at a refresh rate of 60Hz, has upto 72% NTSC color gamma coverage, has a response time of 5ms and comes with two 7W speakers for the audio.

Priced at RM2,299 in Malaysia, the 43-inch definitely seems like a viable option for those who want a single large display that has the input lag of a monitor. At 5ms, the monitor definitely has manageable input lag, but compared to traditional TVs, its more than respectable. Additionally, since the display is 4K, there aren’t many graphics cards that could max out 4K, but if you even get it right now, it really seems like a great investment if you’re upgrading your rig or are rocking a PlayStation 4 Pro.

If Acer has landed this over here, we hope to see this model or a similar alternative land in US and European regions. Indeed an excellent monitor for the price.

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