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AMD Starts Counting Down To The Vega Architechture Preview – Fires Shots At Nvidia

AMD’s Polaris GPUs have been with us for a while with the highest-end of the bunch being the RX 480, a $200 GPU that’s aimed at the masses and will also pride excellent VR performance. So far, AMD has been hyping up their higher end enthusiasts. Especially with them acting empty handed in front of Nvidia, it’s just not catering higher-end PC enthusiasts.

We’eve been seeing AMD’s Zen and Vega rumors for quite a while now. Of course, AMD took the chance to preview the AMD Zen last month, hungry enthusiasts are actually feeling hyped up about what AMD has in-store for the higher-end. Currently, Nvidia has been dominating the upper-end of the GPU market with their GTX 1070 and 1080 for more than a while and its about time for AMD to strike back with their new VEGA architechture already.

AMD even teased a VEGA GPU at the Zen Preview in December, although other details still seem to be scarce here. Of course AMD really seems to hit the 4k/60FPS barrier here, but we should be seeing a shake if AMD really delivers with their VEGA GPUs. Here’s a glance at the VEGA GPU tearing through Star Wars:Battlefront in 4K.

Earlier this morning, AMD teased a new website where they are counting down to the VEGA GPU preview. At the time of this article there still more than three days till AMD previews and showcases what their new GPU is actually capable of. If you’d like to join the countdown, log onto Ehem, “Poor Volta”, says AMD.


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