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Here are some ways to recover your lost data on an iPhone

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2016 was indeed an amazing year for smartphones apart from the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle. We use our smartphones as tools to get us through our days. Smartphones have reached a point, where it’s replacing a lot of what we used to use in the past.

Packing amazing cameras, excellent hardware & gorgeous screens, smartphones have become our most beloved devices for many users. Why not? It’s basically everything we need, crammed into a sleek and amazing body that we could easily carry everywhere. Phones have become so personal that they have now become our digital assistants, reminding us to complete certain tasks and much more. With most of your personal data being held on your phone, you would never want to lose your data, contacts, pictures, videos and much more.

Here, EaseUS has compiled an Infographic about how iPhone users lose their data and how they could recover it if they need to.

With a staggering 35% of iPhone users losing their data due to accidental deletion, it’s an excellent idea to back up your data to the cloud so that you can retrieve it anywhere.

Infographic for iPhone data loss and recoveryData Loss and Recovery. An infographic by the team at Secure Data Recovery Services

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