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Microsoft Unveils Two New Colors To Their Xbox Controller Range

Microsoft has been catering Xbox enthusiasts for more than a while. From cool consoles to a wide range of controllers, Xbox has definitely been diving into what their gamers actually want.

Recently, Microsoft showed off two new controllers, a Red and a Green/Orange controller. Microsoft claims that the controllers now have up to twice the wireless range. Some other features that Xbox controllers come with are the excellent ergonomics, wide compatibility between Windows machines and the controller mapping on the Xbox One.

Now while Xbox has been catering Xbox enthusiasts, there’s no doubt that even the newer controllers aren’t any match compared to Microsoft’s own Elite controller, that is, if you could afford to spend as much on that controller. But if you just want the great standard Xbox experience these new improvements coming to the new Xbox One controllers are just great to see.

As of the release date, it isn’t far from now, just keep your wallet to yourself until the 24th of January

And if you’re really trying to up your controller game, why not check out Microsoft’s Xbox Design Lab which allows you to custom create your own unique Xbox One controller if that’s your thing.

Nonetheless if you’re done with hearing about new colors and controllers, why not keep your eyes peeled on the Xbox One Scorpio that’s due to release late this year that promises to provide an “uncompromised” 4k gaming experience.

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