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Sony CEO Assures Improvements Coming To The PlayStation VR

Sony’s PlayStation VR turned out to be an amazing headset device for Sony. Launched in late 2016, the VR headset has become an excellent headset to try out Sony’s best in VR.

As we mentioned last year, Sony was fully aware of and ready for the launch of the PlayStation VR. From the marketing, to the strong lineup of launch titles and the amazing demo disc that carried 8 demo VR games to assist the PlayStation VR sales which showed the significance of Virtual Reality to consumers.

Last year, we also reported a rumour of Sony pulling off the wires from the PlayStation VR by going wireless. While it still remains as a grain of salt, CEO Kaz Hirai assures us that this is just the beginning for Sony’s exclusive headset.

Speaking with Daily Star, CEO Kaz Hirai took the shortcoming with note and said that this is just the first version of their VR headset and Sony continues to iterate and evolve its products.

Of course this isnt just a problem with Sony’s PlayStation VR, the same issue goes on with the the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive as well. For the PC side of the spectrum, companies like MSI have come up with lightweight backpacks that have notebooks or systems built into them which greatly reduces the cable clutter.

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Of course our report/rumour of the Sony’s headset going wireless should be taken with a grain of salt, it should be amazing when that becomes a reality, and definitely companies like Sony and other brands are trying to bring that to life! But

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