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The Latest Xbox One Update Is Speeding Up The Xbox Dashboard UI

Microsoft may have had a rocky start during the launch of the Xbox One back in 2013, but the company has been making up for their mistakes and is striking the enthusiasm of many Xbox Fans. They’ve been working on some excellent games, cross-play games, pushing Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One, and heck, even an all-new console that’s about to release in late 2017.

Despite everything Microsoft has done in more than three years, the company has also been working on adding features and speeding up their console. In a recent twitter feed, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer was happy to see a user reporting how well the recent update has sped up his system while navigating the UI. Phil Spencer then revealed, that they’ve actually been working on improving the speed of the UI for quite a few months now and is happy to see it in action. On Twitter he said:

Speed of UI was a big focus over the past few months, I’m glad latest update is showing these results for you – Phil Spencer @XboxP3

Indeed, even though Sony’s PlayStation has been dominating the competition for more than a while, Microsoft’s Xbox One is still receiving great support from the community and the devs.

With two Xbox One iterations on hand, and another one arriving late this year, Microsoft is really happy with the progress they’ve achieved with their upcoming Project Scorpio. Microsoft promises to provide an “uncompromised” 4k gaming experience with about 6TFLOPs of GPU computer power. Now while that really seems sketchy already for many PC gamers, we could assume that Project Scorpio would be using some multi-sampling tweaks in order to achieve 4k on many Triple-A titles.

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