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Three Huge Additions Are Coming To Battlefield 1

EA has definitely caught the attention of many gamers.  Their idea of going back in time and playing out something different has really spiked up the enthusiasm for the Battlefield franchise. Going back to World War 1 and filling up your curiosity of humanity’s past has really paved a way for EA.

The crave for experiencing those times accompanies by the excellent graphics and sound work really allowed Battlefield 1 to reach its potential, not to forget about the Battlefield 4 fiasco.

According to recent rumors, there’s a new behemoth that’s on its way on to Battlefield 1, and many haven’t actually seen it since it never came out of production at the time. That behemoth is called the “Ribe”, reports BF Bulletin on Twitter.

Additionally, the Producer at DICE, Ali Hassoon, recently tweeted out that they are now adding Password-Protected servers and are also looking for an e-Sports Competitive Gaming Commissioner that’ll help Battlefield 1 join the competitive arena.

Now when are these features being added to the game will remain a mystery, but we should be safe to say that they’re coming soon if they already teased them.

Usman Abdul Jabbar

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