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Ubisoft’s The Crew January Patch Adds A New McLaren, Re-Adjusts Police AI and Fixes Bugs

Ubisoft has been working hard. With the release and revamp of The Crew, Ubisoft is seeing some great success with the game. In fact, the game actually went for free on the PC last month to catch on with some new players.

With The Crew actually being well received by new and old fans, Ubisoft released a new patch this month to re-adjust the game a bit. Here’s the patch notes for the January 2017 patch.

January Patch Notes

Chase matchmaking

Tweaks to the Chase Matchmaking aimed at having less unbalanced chases, like 1 Cop versus 3 or 4 Street Racers.

Balancing of Abilities

In order to improve the balance during chases between street races and police players, some changes have been applied to the following abilities:

  • Flashbang (Street Racers): Increased the flash intensity and duration
  • EMP Dart (Street Racers & Cops):
    • Increasing the cool down value from 30 sec to 40 sec
    • Reducing some extreme effects on handling
  • Unlimitro (Street Racers): Decreasing the cool down value from 30 sec to 20 sec

Police AI balancing

Police hostility has been modified to be progressive, becoming even more challenging as the chases continue.

Also, we have tweaked the AI to be less aggressive /challenging for the player when he has a low Car level vehicle, and much more challenging when he has a Higher Car Level.

New Vehicle

The McLaren 12C GT3 will be added to the Police lineup on January 25.

Copy of McLaren

As previously announced, we will be updating our bounty system. The bounty will be used to determine the amount of bucks that the winners of a chase receive. This bounty will go up and down as you win or lose chases.

Everyone will start with the same bounty rate, around 8250 but it can increase up to 16500 and may go down (after a lot of losses) to 0.

Two separate bounties will coexist, one for street racer and one for the police.

Leagues for Police & Street Racers

2 new leagues will be introduced for police and street racers, and will be divided into 4 categories. Players will be able to climb the ladder of each one (police and street racer) from the 4th division to the 1st.

Your ranking will be displayed during chases as well as in your profile ID, and other players will be able to see yours and know who they’re dealing with.

Leagues and Bounties are good indicators of the skill of your allies and opponents, so be sure to use them!

Bug fixes and updates

  • Navigation Ribbon: players should no longer experience a disappearing GPS ribbon.
  • Multiple fixes for physics issues with Police vehicles and roadblocks: players should experience less frustrating collisions during chases.
  • PvP ranking: an issue was causing incorrect information to be displayed; this has been fixed.
  • Achievements tied to equipped parts: some achievements weren’t properly associating the equipped parts for a vehicle, this has been fixed.
  • Sweet Sixty Uplay badge: this has been fixed.
  • Indian Chief Dark Horse fork: the visual bug that some players were encountering in the HQ has been fixed.
  • Zoe’s call when completing The Crew Calling All Units prologue: after our next patch, Zoe will only call The Crew Calling All Units owners.
  • Fixed an issue that was occasionally preventing abilities from triggering properly.
  • Achievements tied to fines: some achievements such as “You take Checks?”, “Bills Bills” and “Hefty Fine” have been fixed.
  • Summit events: some events were set with the incorrect weather, time of day or vehicles, this has been fixed.
  • Interface: Fixed an overlap happening in the Chase Reward Screen with a level 1497 Police Car.
  • The chase reward system has been revised to allow the integration of the new league system; cases where the wrong reward was allocated or incorrect car-part progression shown have also been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where some players’ rankings were not displayed in missions and skill challenges.
  • Fixed an issue where the currency was unspecified when buying a Summit Access Pass.
  • Fixed the issue where all the parts from level 51 to 60 had the acceleration bonus only.

The Crew Team

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