EA Fills In The Gaps For Battlefield 1 by adding more servers across the world

EA’s Battlefield 1 has proven to be an amazing success for EA. Not only did the idea of going back to the WW1 era play out well, but laying down the core foundations, and even making it feel like the WW1 era has been excellently implemented by DICE, from the sound, to the graphics and even the amazing story mode. It’s indeed among EA’s most stable launch on all three platforms, that is, on the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
With EA finally taking control over the servers, EA is making sure to give their players an amazing experience while playing online, unlike BF4 servers which usually had higher pings, unfair admins and much more!

Finally, today EA announced that they’re adding official servers to the Middle East, South Africa, and even Hong Kong after all the positive feedback.

The new servers will go online on the 21st of February, which is just a day or two from now, and will also utilize the same high-performance servers as used in other regions as well. The servers will be deployed for all three platforms and should give gamers a great experience to those living in or around those areas.

Lastly, EA is promising to finally monitor the latency and improve on these servers if any issues arise and if there are an improvements needed

Usman Abdul Jabbar

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