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Samsung Is Playing Dirty With Qualcomm, and Xiaomi could have a reply

Without a doubt, companies like OnePlus and Xiaomi really bit into every cranny when they exploded in 2013. Both phones offered the best of the best, for the lowest price possible. Companies from China are now emerging with the same goal, but with such a fragmented Android market, how much could you budge?

Well, Qualcomm has teamed up with Samsung for the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 process in which Samsung is helping to manufacture 10nm FinFET chips. For some time, Samsung wants to keep the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 exclusive for their devices according to reports. Some reports even suggest that the LG G6 could be running the old Snapdragon 821 because of Samsung’s cheeky move.

Although, it seems like the so-called “internet company” has made it’s move to go solo. Recently Xiaomi forums have had reports of Xiaomi working on their own SOC, codenamed Pinecone, Xiaomi is really on their way of cutting down costs even more. Now if you’re wondering if this is a rumour, nope it’s not.

According to the information provided on the their forums, Xiaomi will lift the curtain from their new Xiaomi Pinecone SoC on the 28th of February. It’s going to be even more amazing.

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