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This Could Be Samsung’s Galaxy S8, And It’s Amazing!

Samsung had a hard time after the Note 7 debacle after their batteries exploded. Recalling their Note 7’s ended up becoming a huge loss for them, and they took it. After since, almost every techie, geeks, casual user and fan is curious on how Samsung’s next S8 would look like. And with the recent leaks, it looks amazing!

Gong straight after Xiaomi and what a lot of fans want, Samsung seems to have enlarged the screen-body ratio, if these leaks are true. According to the pictures, we could clearly see how the rumors are lining up, the missing piece is Samsung officially unveiling the hottest Android phone.

Stories have also confirmed that the S8 should pack Qualcomm’s beastly Snapdragon 835, and if true, we’ll laso have to see what this beast has bumped up in the RAM and storage department.

Speaking of the display, if the screen size actually increases, it seems like the S8 should have an unusual resolution that should be above 1440p or 4k as many rumors suggested. Of course with Samsung cramming all this hardware, Samsung has still stuck the earpiece, camera and sensors on the top which should still mean we actually have something to hear from rather than Xiaomi’s technique of mimicking sound waves.

Now all we have to wait for is Samsung to unveil it officially, that should be around April/May this year. Till then take everything with a grain of salt.

This Could Be Samsung's Galaxy S8, And It's Amazing! 8 This Could Be Samsung's Galaxy S8, And It's Amazing! 9 This Could Be Samsung's Galaxy S8, And It's Amazing! 10




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