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It Took More Than 18 Months To Create The Battlefield 1 Key Art. Says DICE’s Senior Concept Artist

Robert Sammelin has been working for DICE for over a decade now. Over the years, the Senior Concept Designer for DICE, Robert Sammelin has been sketching and applying his concepts on papers. He’s primarily worked on the Battlefield franchise but has also taken a taken a few tasks from a few other games. In a recent EA blog post, Robert Sammelin explained his journey working with DICE and how he works on his designs.

It Took More Than 18 Months To Create The Battlefield 1 Key Art. Says DICE's Senior Concept Artist 2
Image Credits: EA

In his interview, Robert Sammelin explained that he doesn’t take everything to the pen and paper and sometimes it really varies on how he should lay down his concept. Working on Battlefield 1 was really challenging for him. In fact, since the task was to take the WW1 scene into consideration, he actually brought in a model and a photographer to get the key poses and ideas. He said:

“You can only take sketches and drawings so far – you really need to see the gear, equipment and poses in real life to get an idea how to take it further”

Indeed that is very true, especially in a lost WW1 scene, you really need that vibe to show off the game characters.

Prior to the online stream of the Battlefield 1 showcase, Robert Sammelin also shared his experience about how many fans reacted to the cover art of Battlefield 1. Indeed we saw a WW1 stage being set long ago before EA even revealed it when an online retailer leaked the information. But actually seeing the game in action really got the vibes going with Battlefield 1. A totally new experience that perhaps led to the dislike bandwagon with COD:IW.

When asked about how long it took to finalize the cover, Robert replied:

“In calendar time, probably more than eighteen months – I start thinking about and sketching for it really early in production and it develops as an idea along with the game.

In actual hands-on production time it’s something like three-four months of work from sketching to buying gear and wardrobe, model scouting, photoshoots and hands work with the material in Photoshop.”

Indeed amazing work by both, Robert and his team. How do you feel about Robert’s work? Let us know in the comments below.

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