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Apacer’s AC730 Series Of Portable Hard Drives Withstand Up To 1.5 Tonnes of Pressue

Apacer has been manufacturing some excellent products recently. With the launch of Apacer’s AC730 Portable HDD, Apacer is making sure your portable hard drive survives in the most harsh conditions.

Realistically speaking, many users keep their hard disks safe. It’s obvious to many users how Hard Drives work. Even a drop of a hard disk could severely damage it. After all, Hard disks utilize physical moving parts.

Apacer's AC730 Series Of Portable Hard Drives Withstand Up To 1.5 Tonnes of Pressue 4

Apacer’s new AC730 series of portable drives come shock-proof, IP68 dust/waterproof, and could withstand up to 1500kg of weight. Cleaning off the drive, or even submerging it in water isn’t an issue thanks to the IP68 rating.

For connections, the AC730 utilizes a USB 3.1 connection and comes in two sizes. You could either opt for a 1TB or 2TB depending on your needs. For most users 1TB should be enough. However the 2TB option should be great for power users to really take their data on the go. Since it’s an external HDD it could be useful for those who constantly move their data between computers.


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