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Nintendo’s Switch Takes Over 50% Of The Console Sales In Japan This Week

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We all knew Nintendo had the switch coming long before it’s release. All the hybrid console thingy rumors were put to rest earlier this year when Nintendo officially announced the Switch. While Nintendo has definitely learnt its lesson after the Wii U, the Switch fixes almost all of those issues and is acting like a bridge between the Wii consoles and Nintendo’s 3DS.

While many gamers haven’t been super delighted regarding the launch titles, the games that are currently available on the switch definitely make it a great attraction as secondary console. Now while many console gamers do prefer consoles, our Japanese marksmen definitely have a crush on handheld systems.

RankModelTitleGenreMakerRelease dateTax-included priceSales volume
13DSMonster Hunter Double CrossACTCapcom170318¥ 6,264280, 293
2SWThe Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild
( Including Limited Edition)
ADVNintendo170303¥ 7,53839, 103
3SW1-2-SwitchETCNintendo170303¥ 5,37821, 647

In Japan, the Nintendo Switch has taken over as the sales king in Japan taking The Legend Of Zelda:Breath of The Wild along with it. Nintendo is currently enjoying its massive sales especially when there’s no competition from Sony or Microsoft in the handheld game after the PS Vita.

For some reference here’s the data that m-crate has published regarding the sales in Japan.

ConsolesSales quantity
Switch78, 441
New 3 DS LL29,771
PS425, 472
PS4 Pro5,261
New 3DS2,866
Wii U411
Xbox One115

If you take a look at it, the Switch has taken a massive cake accounting to almost 50% of the total system sales in Japan.

Indeed Nintendo timed the Nintendo Switch release well. Of course the roadmap that Nintendo has planned should really shape the future for the longevity of the Nintendo Switch console. It’s exciting times for handhelds, let’s see if Sony’s comes up with another Vita.


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