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FTC Warns Users To Stay Away From Nintendo Switch Emulators

Nintendo finally caught the attention of the gaming community after releasing the Nintendo Switch in the wild. Nintendo’s latest console release, the Nintendo Switch has brought a lot to the table. In the US and Japan, Nintendo has enjoyed massive success. Along with the success the console, among the most successful titles in March was The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild that sold more copies than the console itself.

With such successful exclusives coming out on the Nintendo Switch, gamers that don’t want to purchase the console are eager to get their hands on an emulator to experience the games themselves. Since the Switch hasn’t been cracked yet, there’s no emulators out there at the moment. CEMU is one exception that would run your Wii U games on your gaming PC.

FTC Warns Users To Stay Away From Nintendo Switch Emulators 4

It’s obvious such keen users would be scattering themselves over the internet to get their hands on an emulator. But for now, the FTC warns users to not download any emulators out there so that users may stay away from scammy emulators that bring malware onto your PC.

For some steps how to stay away from such frauds, here’s a few steps the FTC has listed:

What can you do to avoid this scam?

  • Don’t download anything that says it’s a Nintendo Switch emulator.
  • Don’t complete a survey to get an “unlock code.” That’s a red flag for a scam.
  • Keep your security software current. Set it to update automatically. Installing unknown programs can lead to malware.
  • Play Nintendo Switch at your friend’s house until you’re able to buy the real one yourself.

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