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Hot Wheels Make Their Way Into Forza Horizon 3 With The New Expansion – Here’s All Of The Cars

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Forza Horizon 3 has become an amazing title for the Xbox One. Being a Microsoft exclusive, Forza Horizon 3 really had its days of joy when it first released late last year bringing both PC and Xbox users to harmony.

The Trailer

After EA’s NFS, Hot Wheels finally makes its way into Forza Horizon 3. Recently Turn10 studios released an amazing trailer for Forza Horizon 3 players. According to the trailer, the car pack will take cars to new heights thanks to custom tracks that Hot Wheels are known for.

The expansion will be available on the Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs. A few classic cars from the Hot Wheels lineup would also be accessible in the game.

Gamers and Hot Wheels enthusiasts are going to be happy with this new expansion as we expect this expansion to bring a lot more diversity to the game other than just roaming in Forza Horizon 3.

The expansion will be available on the 9th of May. However, gamers would get their first look at the expansion pack during a live stream held on the 8th of May on Beam.

The Cars & Map Details

Not only do you get all of the cars, but you also get some wild tracks to keep the Hot Wheels experience true. Here’s some screenshots and the cars that are included in the pack.

Aside from all of these cars, the expansion pack would take you farther off the Australian coast with six themed islands for gamers to devour. Gamers would also be able to play online with their friends taking the looping frenzy to a whole new level.

Since the game is available on both platforms, on the Xbox One and PC, this expansion really seems to stand out from the usual car packs that we’ve been seeing lately. Turn10 Studios are really working on the game and should be updating the game over time with more expansions to come.



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