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It Cost Samsung About $300 To Put The Samsung Galaxy S8 Together

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is Samsung’s highest-end device packing Qualcomm’s Flagship SoC, the Snapdragon 835, 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM, their in-house 5.8″ Quad HD+ Super AMOLED display another many more gimmicks to make the Samsung Galaxy S8 set itself apart from the competition.

It Cost Samsung About $300 To Put The Samsung Galaxy S8 Together 2
Image Credit | Business Wire

According to a tear down by IHS, the company revealed how much the phone must have costed Samsung to build. And after all Samsung put into the device, the device costed them approximately US $300 for the Korean Exynos variant. That doesn’t include the cost Samsung puts into it’s marketing, software, extra features, shipping and more.

It Cost Samsung About $300 To Put The Samsung Galaxy S8 Together 3
Credits | IHS

Compared to its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S7 costed Samsung in the proximity of US $255 which really seems like Samsung putting more and more effort into the hardware with the S8. Of course there’s a ton of competition from the Chinese and Apple. It makes sense for Samsung to lay a bit of its profit to rest to manufacture better and more appealing smartphones to the end-consumer.

Since Samsung is shipping their Exynos powered S8 in Asian regions, the so-touted Qualcomm 835 should markup the cost even futher for the company. But overall, after the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7, the Samsung Galaxy S8 seems to be in another realm in terms of features and design.

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