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Microsoft Will Reveal Project Scorpio This Thursday!

Microsoft’s most powerful console to date, Project Scorpio has been confirmed to be revealed this Thursday, as Digital Foundry reports.

We’ve been hearing a ton of rumors when Microsoft will be revealing Project Scorpio. At first, many assumed that Microsoft will be revealing it at E3 3017. However, these turn of events definitely seem to lead to an even cheesier delight for many enthusiast gamers.

So When Exactly Will The Scorpio Be Revealed?

Well, according to Digital Foundry, they tweeted that they will have an exclusive Scorpio reveal this Thursday at 2pm UK, that’s 6am Pacific. In that tweet they said:

We’re definitely pumped to see what Project Scorpio brings to the table and how it utilizes the 6TFLOPs that it’s packing under its belt. Many gamers, including us believe that Microsoft will make some sacrifices to the visual quality when pushing 4K, although it’s going to be interesting to see how much if they even will.

Afterall, Phil Spencer did reveal last year that developers have already gotten their hands on the console and are working to optimize the platform and games.


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