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Microsoft’s FanFest E3 2017 Registration Re-Opens

Microsoft closed registrations for their FanFest E3 2017 tickets yesterday after fans overwhelmed their systems. Microsoft notes and has released an FAQ on what happened on the 19th of April.

Microsoft’s Major Nelson has confirmed that they have re-opened registration for FanFest 2017 after all of the system errors.

Users who successfully registered and got confirmations would have to re-register in time to get their tickets. 500 lucky gamers would be eligible to get up and close to what Microsoft has in store for the future. The enthusiasm is high and is important to many gamers as Microsoft may reveal some more information regarding Project Scorpio at this event.

Users who successfully register this time would be able to participate in the briefing on the 11th of June 2017 in Los Angeles and would also get a “custom-built backpack full of gaming swag”!


Here’s Microsoft’s statement and FAQ on the subject:

What happened on Wednesday, April 19th?

Fan enthusiasm overwhelmed our Xbox FanFest: E3 2017 registration website on Wednesday, April 19th, and unfortunately, resulted in an error – causing the system to accept more registrants than we had tickets for the event in total.  We determined voiding all of Wednesday’s registrations and wiping the slate clean would help make things as fair as possible for all fans. So, if you were one of the fans who completed the registration, you’ll need to try and register again on Wednesday, April 26th at 9am PT.  For those fans who registered on Wednesday, April 19th, Xbox will be emailing something special to you for the inconvenience.

If I registered on Wednesday, April 19th, and got a confirmation letter, do I still have a ticket?

All registrations and confirmation letters from Wednesday, April 19th, are now voided and canceled, and Xbox is emailing those fans a token of our appreciation for their utmost patience. We will re-launch our new registration process starting on Wednesday, April 26th, at 9am PT.

If I completed the registration process on Wednesday, April 19th, what happens to my personal information?

We take privacy very seriously and have gone to extra lengths to ensure your personal data and credit card information are protected and used in accordance with the Microsoft Privacy Statement. The ticketing vendor, Experient, is 3rd Party Audit PCI Compliant. Experient maintains Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance.  Payment card industry (PCI) compliance is adherence to a set of specific security standards that were developed to protect card information during a ticketing transaction. As a result, Experient cannot retain hard copy forms that contain credit card numbers.


How can I get Xbox FanFest tickets?

400 tickets will be available first-come, first-serve starting on Wednesday, April 26th, at 9am PT.  Tickets will now be released all at once, first-come, first-serve.  Stay glued to #XboxFanFest, @MajorNelson and @Xbox on Twitter for when the link to the registration site becomes available.

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