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Microsoft’s Project Scorpio Is Without A Doubt Impressive For A Console

We finally managed to find some details regarding Project Scorpio yesterday after Digital Foundry released the details of the console. Indeed, this was a smart move from Microsoft to actually impress the PC enthusiasts who care about graphics, specifications and many more.

Rumors regarding the Project Scorpio utilizing AMD’s Ryzen processors we’re put to rest after Microsoft revealed that they are in fact using a custom 2.3GHz Jaguar CPU.

After inviting Digital Foundry to Microsoft’s Redmond Campus, Microsoft gave them an exclusive look regarding Microsoft’s upcoming console. Richard, from Digital Foundry does admit that the console is still in development. Although, he did manage to get a hold of Project Scorpio’s SoC which is quite fortune for them.

Apart from everything Microsoft informed gamers regarding Scorpio was held true according to Richard. Gamers shouldn’t be expecting their games to run at double the frame-rate compared to the Xbox One S. Since backward compatibility was quite a major focus for Microsoft, Xbox 360 titles and Xbox One titles would instead run at a consistent and smoother framerate.

Basically, according to Richard, Project Scorpio actually offers a ton of compute performance. Now it’s upto the developers to take advantage of the console’s power.

There’s a few games that would actually take advantage of all of this hardware. Forza Motorsport 7 made a great example of this in its early testing.Now with all the hype surrounding Project Scorpio it really seems like Project Scorpio would offer true 4K gaming experience, at least on paper. Now while I personally am a bit skeptical about how far could this “un-compromised” 4K gaming experience be pushed, I personally think it’s an amazing console that’s going to keep Microsoft relaxed for quite a while before the next Xbox console arrives to set the scene.

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