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Nvidia’s Dual 1080 Ti GPUs Push 8K To The Next Level

There’s no doubt, after the launch of the GTX 1080 back in 2016. Most of the PC gaming community was awaiting Nvidia to shed some light regarding their GTX 1080 Ti. After a long wait, Nvidia finally released the GTX 1080 Ti earlier this year.

Packing almost twice the amount of compute power, the PC Gaming community knew that the GTX 1080 Ti is here to tear those benchmarks. Aside from the raging GTX 1080 owners that paid top-buck for their card earlier, Nvidia decided to push down the GTX 1080 in price and price the GTX 1080 Ti for $699. An amazing price indeed!

The 8K Benchmarks

With benchmarks always being a part of the community. Digital Foundry, a YouTube channel that has been providing among the best benchmarks in the PC gaming community tested out the GTX 1080 Ti. After successfully delivering 4K @ 60FPS, its obvious we need to push the boundaries further.

Today, Digital Foundry put dual GTX 1080 Ti GPUs in SLI to find out if running games at 8K is even possible. And the results were impressive.

At 8K, the dual GTX 1080 Ti GPUs ran most games around the 30FPS mark at 8K however. Pulling back a few settings or even lowering the resolution to 7K, the GTX 1080 Ti pushed almost 60FPS in most Triple-A titles.

Regarding Forza Horizon 3, Digital Foundry’s single GTX 1080 Ti ran Forza Horizon 3 at above 30FPS. That just goes to show how much optimization Turn10 has put into the game. Sadly, the game doesn’t support SLI or Crossfire.

Is it even conventional?

Now even though we have such power at hand. Only Dell has such a display to push out 8K. Dell’s 8K monitor costs over $5000. Even though such a monitor exists and we have the prerequisites to run such displays.

Taking 4K into account, that’s 4 x 1080p displays in terms of pixel count. Therefore, 8k is 4 x 4K displays in terms of pixel count.

8K, while not yet perfect, is definitely possible with dual GTX 1080 Ti GPUs as we’ve seen. Its amazing how far we’ve come with the GTX 1080 Ti that fulfills 4K/60FPS and could reach 8K with decent settings. However, at such a cost, we won’t be seeing anyone rocking such a setup anytime soon.

Regarding the Red Team, we’re still waiting for VEGA to show up with its heads down and if it actually entertains the PC Gaming community when it launches.

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