This Traffic-less Concept From The Future Is Hands-Down Amazing

Elon Musk has been diving into all sorts of fields. His latest venture under the name of “The Boring Company” really seems to be the opposite way around. A concept video released today really shows how we could get rid of traffic issues.

Bye-Bye-Traffic Jam

200km/h of glory?

With the help of elevators, cars will be taken underground and back up at near to their destination. Of course we’ve seen underground tunnels before that have helped quite a lot. However, this new concept could be the future of our traffic system.

While underground, the car is then connected to a network or pathways. Vehicles here will move at a rate of 200 km/h that is indeed impressive and should really reduce the time it takes to move between destinations. Interestingly enough the platform that takes the car underground moves itself while the car remains stationery.

Its an amazing concept indeed! Even though Elon Musk has been working on a lot of his other ventures, we won’t expect this to come anytime soon. Even they they do start their work now, its going to be a long journey replacing traditional roads for now.

Usman Abdul Jabbar

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